Our Services


TREE REMOVAL - This operation involves the removal of the tree leaving a stump at a pre agreed height or ground level. The tree will either be straight felled (on an open site) or dismantled (on a restricted site) using lowering (rigging) equipment if required.


PRUNING - This operation is to reduce the height and/or spread of the crown of a tree. This is done by shortening branches to suitable points or thinning out the crown of a tree. The reason is to reduce the wind effect and make the tree safer in strong winds or to allow more light to get through the crown. Every effort is made to keep a natural shape to the tree after reduction operations.


CROWN THINNING - The removal of rubbing or duplicate branches to open up the crown of as tree and allow more light to pass through.


CONIFER HEDGE REDUCTIONS - This operation involves the heavy reduction in height (by up to 1/2) of large conifer hedges and can also incorporate the facing back of one or both sides.


WOODLAND SCHEME MANAGEMENT - We will offer free advice about thinning and removing trees from woodlands in keeping with the client's long term plans for the woodland, and then carry out any required works. Firewood can be processed into logs.


STUMP GRINDING - This operation involves grinding out a tree stump using a stump grinding machine to below ground level to allow future replanting, removing any excess debris from the site.


GARDEN MAINTENANCE - This usually involves the redefining of overgrown shrubs, plants and borders and the removal or control of creepers and other unwanted plants.


HEDGE CUTTING AND TRIMMING - Care is taken to remove regrowth by trimming and shaping established hedges and free-standing shrubs.


OVERHEAD LINE CLEARANCE - The removal of branches that have broken and fallen onto overhead lines or have grown to rub them naturally. NIE shutdown may be required in some cases with electricity cables.


FIREWOOD PROCESSING - We can process timber into logs of a pre agreed size to be stored and seasoned by our clients.


SEASONED FIREWOOD AND WOODCHIP FOR SALE - We can deliver seasoned hardwood logs and wood chip for mulch to your home.